A weekend of heat and Adam Sandler

Currently it’s about as hot in Liverpool as Chiang Mai, which is good because it means I get out of the house more and bad because I get more worn out in the heat.

This weekend there was an African music festival in Sefton Park so I spent a good part of saturday afternoon eatting ice cream and watching a band. I’m a bit festival deprived this year (no money and no time) so it upped my spirits quite a bit – being unemployed isn’t so bad when the sun is shining. Yesterday’s weather wasn’t so great mind you so we stayed indoors.

I ended up watching two Adam Sandler ‘comedies’ over the course of the weekend, ’50 first dates’ and ‘Anger Management’. I don’t generally find slapstick that funny so wasn’t particularly impressed by either film. I also finished reading Cloud Atlas, which is a technically well written book, but tries to be a bit too clever for it’s own good. It’s the literary equivalent those prog-rock bands from the 70’s which featured excessive virtuoso guitar solos which never actually go anywhere. Probably.

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