“The sole purpose of carrots is to serve as cholesterol delivery vehicles”

Whilst coated in butter – apparently.

Yesterday I received an impromptu cooking lesson at the hand of the guys from Katies church cell. I now feel incredibly groggy from the wine, food and late night. In fact my head feels a bit like a nevada desert nuclear test site, windswept and melted.

The meal itself was excellent though (the aformentioned carrots doused in liberal amounts of butter, roasted potatoes done in lamb lard…), though I was mainly relagated to chopping veg and dismantling and reassembling the kitchen table in the front room. It served as a good bonding excerise though I did feel a bit intimidated by everyone elses level of cooking ability.

My ongoing quest for a new job is picking up pace, I have a job interview in a couple of weeks and I’ll soon have a new place to live too.