Ye olde blog…

By capricious twist of fate my left back molar tooth had to be extracted yesterday due to it’s infection. Concordantly it had to be severed from my mouth by the dental hospital.
The morning of the 11th June saw Dan and I venture forth into the world to look at housing, for the end of the tenancy on our current abode is nigh. Henceforth we journeyed to Boxdale road by way of the apothecary for painkillers. The aformentioned house had a spacious kitchen but lacked large enough bedchambers for our needs…and was largely unfurnished.
Thus we resolved to go to the shop and purchase cake, so as to consume it later on with our tea. Whilst resting from our morning stroll, the good sir and I ended in a discussion of our favourite middle english lexicon. Thence the blog you see was composed, notwithstanding the problematic syntax of such an endeavour.