A rather windy thursday

Yesterday I took an impromptu trip to the beach across on the Wirral with my friends Dai, Matt and Laura (I guess I was entitled to bunk off job hunting because I hadn’t seen them for a while). It turned out to be extremely windy so we built a fire. Matt decided to continue his diet of eating anything and everything, by boiling a cockle on the fire in a shell filled with mineral water. As he was about to eat the unfortunate cockle he dropped it in the sand, but still ate it anyway.

I attended Katies cell group for the first time last night. The subject of the meeting was the art of storytelling. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but it was pretty interesting (but felt a bit like my old A-Level English classes). And I learned how to escape a rhino (run in zig zag lines, because apparently they have difficulty turning). It was also the first Christian gathering I have attended in months so now I feel good about myself. My toothache is too bad to write anything more so I’m going to the dental hospital now

One thought on “A rather windy thursday

  1. The Wirral….now that’s a blast from the past. Used to go to camp up there as a kid.

    Hope the toothache is better

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