Things I have learned today…

Some of this is from the excellent site

How not to spill hot tea (very useful):

"On a hot tea hunt, keep your hands free. If you must carry things, consider pockets. In pouring the tea, don’t overfill the cup. There’s more hot tea for refills. Finally, when you get to the door, don’t reach for the knob with the hot tea hand. The other hand was created for situations like this. In the event that you do spill hot tea on your hand, do drop the cup. Retaining it will only result in further burning, as the scalded hand will be shaky"

How to Brain Wash yourself (and potentially your friends family and enemies):

"With BrainWasher for Windows 95, you can brainwash yourself with subliminal messages just like in the movies!… But BrainWasher does much more. Brainwashing is a form of learning and you can use BrainWasher to learn just about anything. Do you often underline important ideas in books and magazines that you read? Do you copy important quotes or pictures from the Internet and store them on your computer? Do you find that you never get around to reviewing the information that you have saved? If so, BrainWasher can help you keep these important items fresh in your mind by presenting a different one to you each time that you turn on your computer, or periodically throughout the day."

It apparently works by quickly flashing subliminal messages at your computer screen.

You can get the software from here:

I’m going to try it out. I’ll try brainwashing myself to not spill hot tea (of which I only drank two cups today). I’ll post the results.