Monthly Archives: June 2005

I have a new house

I haven’t moved in yet, but it’s just around the corner from Penny Lane (yes, THAT Penny Lane, non-Liverpool based blog audience). I’ve just got to get my dad to act as a guarantor because I don’t have a job yet. That’s next on my list of things to do. Pretty decent house though (3 double bed rooms in a terrace).

Yesterday I went out with Andy and Dan for a final house meal, and got Katie along too. I probably drank a bit too much wine and beer because there is a gap in my memory and then I woke up on Katie’s sofa with no one around at about 1:30 am. My head feels alright though, but I’m a bit groggy so I apologise for the dullness of todays blog entry.

Rest in peace Richard “twice-nightly” Whitley

I was saddened to hear of his death as he was probably one of the most famous Yorkshire men to grace the air waves. He also gave me something to do in the afternoons when I was a student (BA(Hons) = lots of ‘study time’ you see). Your garish suit/tie combos will be missed as well. Somewhere in heaven, Jesus is probably asking for a vowel right now. Maybe

Speaking of which I managed to hitch a lift back to Yorkshire this weekend and introduce Katie to my parents for the first time. It was probably about time given that we’ve been going out for 18 months. Other than my dad’s obvious disappointment that she can’t do crossword puzzles everything went alright and my parents behaved themselves well.

Thank God for BBCi

At least now I can have some say in what Glasto acts I watch. I really like the fact that the new bands tent is now the John Peel tent. I spent many an hour as a teenager in the mid to late nineties listening to his show late at night whilst attempting to revise for my GCSEs and A-Levels. Most of my musical tastes today are influenced by him in fact.

Because Katie’s church are camping in Wetherby this weekend I hitched a ride back to North Yorks to see my parents. Even in the rain the Pennines are my favourite mountain range.

Glastonbury envy

It’s Glastonbury weekend, so another weekend of sitting in front of the T.V. and hoping that the camera crew catch a band I’m vaguely interested in. Or phone a friend at the festival and listen in that way. Hmm, it’ll probably rain on them anyway.

My head is already soggy because I dragged myself out of bed to see a house this morning. We got halfway across the park when the letting agent rang to say we couldn’t see the house because the tennants didn’t know we were coming. Great.


Yesterday morning I got a text from Katie asking if my parents were okay. Slightly puzzled I asked her what was wrong and discovered that according to Sky News my home town of Selby in North Yorkshire was apparently now under water! Well at least severely flooded. Fortunately someone at Sky got their facts (and geography) wrong. I rang my Dad to find out the details only to discover he had no idea what I was talking about. Ah well, it gave my day some kind of minor excitement.

I currently seem to occupy the position of ‘Mr Fixit’ in Katie’s house at the moment, since her computer seems to perpetually malfunction. It does mean that she should by all rights be perpetually grateful to me though (theoretically at least :-). Though I’m getting steadly more p***ed off with people of high I.Q. who have nothing better to do than write viruses and trojan horses that attack the computers of people who can’t afford firewalls – B******ds!

On another note I’ve started reading ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and it’s making my head hurt already.

A weekend of heat and Adam Sandler

Currently it’s about as hot in Liverpool as Chiang Mai, which is good because it means I get out of the house more and bad because I get more worn out in the heat.

This weekend there was an African music festival in Sefton Park so I spent a good part of saturday afternoon eatting ice cream and watching a band. I’m a bit festival deprived this year (no money and no time) so it upped my spirits quite a bit – being unemployed isn’t so bad when the sun is shining. Yesterday’s weather wasn’t so great mind you so we stayed indoors.

I ended up watching two Adam Sandler ‘comedies’ over the course of the weekend, ’50 first dates’ and ‘Anger Management’. I don’t generally find slapstick that funny so wasn’t particularly impressed by either film. I also finished reading Cloud Atlas, which is a technically well written book, but tries to be a bit too clever for it’s own good. It’s the literary equivalent those prog-rock bands from the 70’s which featured excessive virtuoso guitar solos which never actually go anywhere. Probably.

“The sole purpose of carrots is to serve as cholesterol delivery vehicles”

Whilst coated in butter – apparently.

Yesterday I received an impromptu cooking lesson at the hand of the guys from Katies church cell. I now feel incredibly groggy from the wine, food and late night. In fact my head feels a bit like a nevada desert nuclear test site, windswept and melted.

The meal itself was excellent though (the aformentioned carrots doused in liberal amounts of butter, roasted potatoes done in lamb lard…), though I was mainly relagated to chopping veg and dismantling and reassembling the kitchen table in the front room. It served as a good bonding excerise though I did feel a bit intimidated by everyone elses level of cooking ability.

My ongoing quest for a new job is picking up pace, I have a job interview in a couple of weeks and I’ll soon have a new place to live too.


It’s hard to believe it been more than a month since we went invisible tiger hunting in Khao Yai national park…
I realized this yesterday. Soon it will be a month since I left Thailand and two months since I first stood in Singapore airport, jet laggy and unshaven at 6am and watched the sun rise over south east asia for the first time. Memories like that, no matter how intense, sometimes fade like polaroid photos left in the sun for too long.

Sorry this blog entries shaping up to be a bit depressing, isn’t it? I think that’s because it rained so much yesterday. On the plus side it means I’m more likely to look for a job, on the negative side I want to go on holiday again now. Much like beer, life has a way of stealing all your money away and leaving you longing for the past.

Ah well back to the job hunt 🙂

Ye olde blog…

By capricious twist of fate my left back molar tooth had to be extracted yesterday due to it’s infection. Concordantly it had to be severed from my mouth by the dental hospital.
The morning of the 11th June saw Dan and I venture forth into the world to look at housing, for the end of the tenancy on our current abode is nigh. Henceforth we journeyed to Boxdale road by way of the apothecary for painkillers. The aformentioned house had a spacious kitchen but lacked large enough bedchambers for our needs…and was largely unfurnished.
Thus we resolved to go to the shop and purchase cake, so as to consume it later on with our tea. Whilst resting from our morning stroll, the good sir and I ended in a discussion of our favourite middle english lexicon. Thence the blog you see was composed, notwithstanding the problematic syntax of such an endeavour.

A shameless plug…

I’m not sure if it’s okay to use my blog to advertise stuff – but Katie is currently selling a piece of art that she painted from her trip around australia. If anyone is interested in viewing it go to:

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