A static yorkshireman

I don’t seem to be particularly displaced from my home land these days having been stuck here for the last week and a half. In a funny kind of way I miss Liverpool (and I miss Thailand too).

I went into town yesterday to the market to see if I could find a replacement phone (having lost mine in Thailand). Selby market is badly anaemic compared with the scale of Thailands night bazaars. It is also populated by bady anaemic teenagers who had the day off school and old folks who cut me up with their tartan weave shopping trolleys – I seemed to be the only twenty something year old at the market. A bit like the midwich cuckoo’s in reverse, everyone of a certain age had been removed.

Oh and I soiled my ingrained sense of Arts Faculty intellectualism by buying a book that had been reccommended by Richard & Judy. The book in question is "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell and to be fair it was a) nominated for The Man Booker prize and it was reviewed b) in EDGE magazine and c) it was reduced in price, so it could be worth reading – only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “A static yorkshireman

  1. Oh goodness, I quite agree with you. Why on earth do shops have to shout about the Richard and Judy connection? It’s a bit like reading Dan Brown on the underground…everyone’s done it/doing it which makes me loathe to. I’m just a bit too wanna-not-be-mainstream or something.

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