Ingredients list

I’m back to some semblance of normality now (If normality’s predominant characteristic is that it rains a lot then I suppose this counts).

To recreate our blogtastic adventure for yourself you will need the following items (in no particular order):

Money – enough to get to your chosen destination – ideally Thailand but at a push, somewhere like Liverpool city centre could double for Bangkok (after all Scousers can’t speak English either).

Lots of Patience – You will spend much time in the back of buses, boats etc as you travel. Finding inventive ways of passing the time is a must.

15 wild and untameable white asian tigers (N.B. the tigers should never be seen and only serve to spur the protagonists onwards in their quest).

1 Elephant to ride around on (this might not be advisable if your destination IS Liverpool city centre)

5 cups of tea for every day you spend travelling, this will heighten your mental state and give your perceptions of reality a sharper edge (vital if jet lagged). Up the dosage if you start to feel anything less than trigger happy.

A travelling companion (anyone you like, but be warned, by the second week you’ll probably want to kill them).

1 bout of mild illness (optional but can make things more interesting).

1 Crazed Woman to hitch a lift with (by "crazed" take your pick from the following list of symptoms: passive aggresion, hyperactivity, barely concealed contempt for hitchhikers)

Shake well and serve.