And now – the conclusion….

The Himalayan people known as Sherpas have a superstition that your soul travels much slower than the rest of your body. This makes it imperative to rest after a long journey so that your soul can find you again.

Judging by how tired I feel now I think my soul must have snagged on a mountain somewhere back there. Currently I’m experiencing the all too familiar burn of caffine molecule against synapse as I try to stay awake. I’m now back in good old North Yorks and I could smell cow dung earlier, which makes a change from the smog of Bangkok. I left Katie at the airport and took an uneventful flight home. Katie had a later flight to heathrow which paradoxically got in two hours earlier than mine. At least I got some sleep though…

Oh and one last thing – on the course of my travels around Thailand I have been mistaken for: a Scottish person, an Israeli and most bizarrely Frank Lampard. For the sake of clarity I would like to point out now I am none of the aformentioned.