This could be one of my last entries from Thailand

I’m on Tsunami ravaged Phi Phi now. Five months on and the damage is still showing, rubble heaps line the beach and half the island is still being rebuilt. The island is still very beautiful though and we have an awesome view from our cabin across the south bay.

Today we headed over to Phi Phi Leh (the smaller island to the south). Phi Phi Leh is the island where the rest of "The Beach" was filmed (i.e. not the waterfall bit or the Khao San bit). Home only to sea birds (but tourist day trippers go there regularly). As we were swimming in the sea, Katie reminded me that the guy Leonardo DeCaprio was with got attacked by sharks there (but not really, in the film).

It was pretty rainy this afternoon, but I could hear gibbons hooting from the hills behind our cabin. Then we watched "American Pie 3". We leave Thailand in less than 48 hrs now… I’ll try and do another update before then.

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