Monthly Archives: April 2005

Final preps…

I’ve only one week left now. I’m sending off my visa today and should get it back in a couple of days. Still need to buy a few things though.

I’ve started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance but I’m scared I’ll finish it before the flight (very good so far though).

I saw Fozzie and Claire yesterday for the first time since their wedding, as well as the shiny tea canister I bought them in then end. To paraphrase Fozzie it looks pretty bomb proof.

This weeks word of the week is "diatribe". An abstract noun (I think) a diatribe occurs when one vents spleen. Spleen is a part of your body and should be vented as frequently as possible.

Sorry – another hasty blog entry. No time left on the library computer.

Damn I’m getting lazy…

…Or at least in the realm of wibloggery. It’s quite hard to get on a computer at the moment. I’m work lot’s of hours and trying to buy the last minute things I need for Thailand.

I’ve finally got my jabs though (tetanus, polio, hep and others that I can’t remember). I just need my visa some clothes, travellers cheques, trainers, a first aid kit and my trusty GameBoy Advance and I’m good to go. Only another 10 days to pack and sort stuff out. I bought a copy of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance" today to read on the plane (It being a buddhist country and all).

I’ve started remembering my dreams again as well, something I almost never do. Scarily last week I dreamt of zombies the night after Dan had a similar dream. In my dream, zombies took over the earth but for some reason ebay still worked so we holed up in our house and bought all our food online. Very "Shaun of the dead".
The other night I dreamt I was living in a house full of parakeets.