So then, this is Chiang Mai..

Today we arrived back in Chiang Mai after a six hour bus journey down from Chiang Khong. I figure by now we’ve used every possible form of transport in Thailand except for helicopters and elephants. When we were here a week ago I only saw the train station. Now I’ve finally had a look around, and I quite like the place. It’s like Bangkok except it’s smaller and has more oxygen.

Katie and I are planning a trip to the night market tomorrow which I’ve heard a lot about (more dodgy goods and local crafts I think, but with good food to boot). Tonight we recruited a lone Australian backpacker and dragged him to a vegetarian restuarant with us. Given that in the far north there were very few other backpackers, it’s kind of a relief to be able to find other English speakers again. I think we were both on the brink of insanity from spending too much time in each others company. Coming back to Chiang Mai is a bit like returning to Earth after a long space adventure.