Charlie don’t surf

Currently up in Chaing Saen by the Mae Kong river, which winds it’s way down through Laos, Cambodia and empties into the South China Sea via Vietnam (starting all the way up in the mountains of Tibet). This is the stretch of water immortalised by so many Vietnam War movies (hence the title of today’s entry). The waters here are peaceful compared with the napalmed villiages and rusting helicopters that apparently line the banks of the river downstream.

Unfortunately we never got as far as the monkey cave, but we did get all our washing done and today we travelled over the border into Burma/Myanmar. We toured around the city of Tachilek in the company of a Shan man who was a friend of a friend of Katie’s. We now own a few dodgy goods for our trouble and spent most of the day bouncing around in the back of various forms of motorised transport.