Tea crawling in Mae Salong

We spent the last couple of days up in the hill country in the far north of Thailand and stayed in a town called Mae Salong. as the title of this blog entry suggests Mae Salong is famous for it’s tea. Given that Katie and I are both capable of drinking our entire body weight in tea it seemed like a good idea to investigate.

Mae Salong tea is green but still quite drinkable (being a Yorkshire man I prefer strong tea, "like wot they drink oop north"). I’d still rate it as a seven out of ten (averaged out – mae salong tea comes in different flavours, like ginseng or jasmine, a bit poncey mind you). Shortly after arrival we ended up outside a tea sellers stall whilst they prepared it for us using very small tea pots and china bowls in some elaborate ritual, whilst it rained. In fact we managed to sample several vendors tea simply by looking like we wanted to buy some (though I do now have some leaves in my bag). Then we spent the evening drinking cherry wine on the veranda

Proving that Cleanliness isn’t next to Godliness, was the Christian run guesthouse we stayed in. I woke up this morning with a strange rash on my hand, possibly bed bugs I think. It also looked like wormworm had chewed most of the furniture.

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