I’ve not had time to blog since I arrived, very jet lagged at ten am monday morning. I booked n to the hostel okay but then lost my most important piece of baggage (Katie) at Bangkok airport. After nearly two hours of waiting and searching I discovered that she’d already gone to the guest house – anyway we’re both safe and neither of us had any drugs planted on us whist passing through customs.

Yesterday we both wandered down to the fabled Khao San road (as immortalized by Alex Garland in the book/film "The Beach"). Back in the early days of the backpacker explosion this strip was probably the last (or first?) outpost of westernisation in Thailand, today it sells gaudy trinkets and pirate DVDs to the tourists, but I did come away with the impression that you could probably buy ANYTHING here (or sell it). We also met our first con man outside the Buddhist temple but managed to resist his dubious (and obvious) scheme. Aside from that my feet hurt from all the walking.

Still readng "Zen and the Art of..". Seems quite relavant to journeying, although it hsan’t inspired any particularly profound thoughts.