So this is it.

I quit my job (the third time I’ve left a job in six months no less) and moved back to Yorkshire for a few days. Not currently a displaced Yorkshire man. Tomorrow is the big one. Currently my room resembles down-town Mogadishu, a mess of zipper pockets, medicines and baggage (all that’s missing are the guns). I feel like Martin Sheen, Graham Greene and Hunter S. Thompson (again minus the guns) all rolled into one, except I’m scared. It’s that kind of dull pre-dental appointment scaredness rather than a raging fear of the unknown. My head constantly checklists the things I have bought trying to find gaps – the computer programmer part of me taking over I guess

I did buy a lovely new pair of Merrells today (thank you Rich W, Damien, and Fozzie for the recommendations). They are indeed just like walking on air. They also go along way towards setting my mind at ease as they look like they could take a fair amount of punishment.

Sorry for the slightly more serious tone than usual. And sorry for not mentioning you in this entry Dan.

It’s midnight and I need to be up in five hours to go to Manchester.