…that makes it eight solid days of closes, the most anyone’s done in a row. Also I took the most money last week (not suprising considering I worked more hours than anyone except Dan).

The last few days have been pretty tiring, too tiring for me to face writing this blog. Andy has gone away to Spring Harvest and Dan is going back to Batley for a few days, if I had anything remotely resembling a social life I could throw a wild party or something. That’s the problem with lates, you never see anyone. Might buy a book or DVD to keep myself entertained for a bit.

Dan has challenged me to use the word ‘ribald’ in this blog entry. I don’t know if quoting Dan satisfies that requirement. Maybe I should have a blog word for the week and ‘ribald’ could be this weeks word.

I broke my second favorite mug yesterday (the blue one Katie brought back for me from Greece) and cut my hand twice. I seem to break a lot of things at the moment. It started me off wondering if poltergeists are just the ghosts of clumsy people rather than the ghosts of evil people. Tiredness makes me thinks a lot of strange thoughts like that.