The Close Down King!

By tonight I will have done a solid week of closes at the pub (as far as I’m aware that’s the most anyone’s ever done, I rule!). I’ve also been working the last twelve days with no day off. I’m starting to feel the strain. Need the money though.

Last night I stayed up ’till 3am after working talking to Dan about ‘The Future’. Dan is doing a Journalism course next year so will be around for a bit longer. It’s been two years now since I graduated and all I’ve had are McJobs (see for details) and one 2 month computer programming placement, I was kind of thinking about leaving Liverpool or doing a Masters degree in Bioinformatics. On a related note Katie emailed today to say she was thinking of retraining as an Art Therapist (not quite sure what an Art Therapist is though).

I also went shopping for Fozzie and Claire’s weeding present at the weekend – £16 pounds for a pie slicer, they’d better damn well better eat pie with every meal for the rest of their lives for that price.