I am now considerably poorer…..

… BUT I’M GOING TO THAILAND! I went do to the STA (www.statravel.co.uk) this morning and handed over a large sum of money, unfortunately it’s an e-ticket so I have nothing physical to show for it (other than my receipt).
I fly out of Manchester on the 17th April and return on the 18th May, I feel a bit nervous because it’s the first time I’ve flow in 14 years. It can’t be that bad I guess, and have the ability to fall asleep in any place at anytime, which turns out to be pretty useful sometimes, especially when bored.
When I travelled when I was younger I thought flying was as if I were climbing into a big metal tube and then the world around me would mysteriously rearrange itself. Almost as though a thousand invisble stage hands were waiting for the curtain fall to change scenery the between acts. I think most children are solipsists until they get to a certain age.

Now I have the feeling that I’m just waiting for the next act to happen.

I need a cup of tea…