I now have money…

I got enough money back from someone to be able to afford my flight without chipping away at my savings, now I just need to book it. My job suddenly seems bearable. Which is just as well given that I had to deal with The Most Awkward Customer In The World yesterday, someone who sent me back to the kitchen with virtually everything she ordered ("I can’t eat that I have alergies", "My daughter can’t eat that, shes bored with it", then why did you FLIPPING* order it then! (*N.B. flipping might not have been the exact word I used)) and whose husband proceed to chain smoke in the No Smoking area, despite the fact that I asked him 3 times to put it out.

My temper has been on a very short fuse as a result of this job, I think I might need anger management classes at this rate.

After work I sat talking to Dom as we worked out the tips, Kelly the new canadian girl who started a couple of weeks ago came over and somehow we ended up on the subject of a beauty pagent that Kelly entered once, her paegent skill was playing the flute. Dom said his paegent skill would be pouring the perfect pint. I think that my paegent skill would be my ability to do very well in general knowledge quizzes, or to be able to program a VCR to tape something at the right time.

One thought on “I now have money…

  1. not only would my skill be pouring a perfect pint it would also be watching you THE TRUE LEGEND losing the fight against Mrs Victorian BEER

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