Back in front of a computer screen again after not having t’internet for a while. Because this is a family oriented website I can’t go into the full details of friday night, suffice to say after I finished work, I went out into town with my housemate, where I imbibed one to many of the magical fermented hops potions on sale in the quaintly named Krazy House. That followed by the cadburys cream eggs on sale made me quite ill.

I ate alot of steak over the course of the weekend too (as well as a sunday roast).

Stayed up till three am (again) talking to Katie on the phone, she is in Melbourne and has been to a penguin sanctuary.

Today I am working a twelve – seven shift. The monday crowd is a sad parade of local retired folk drinking mild and frowning a lot. I’m just glad there is only four weeks to go until thailand

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  1. Welcome to the WibLog world!

    Despite being near enough, I’ve never visited Thailand. I look forward to hearing all about it!

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