I’ve discovered a new real ale pub!

Last night I went to a pub called The Ship and Mitre with my housemate Andy and his friends, and I must say I had one of the finest pints I’ve ever tasted (I think it was called Erindger white beer or something, but I know it came in a *very* big glass (still only a pint though, just very tall and narrow)).

I spent most of yesterday trawling around the town centre looking for gear for my trip to Thailand (I wonder if anyone in BlogLand could help me out on the trainers vs sandals issue?). I also spectacularly failed to register with a G.P. hmm. I still have two more on my list however. I could do it today but I have to be in work in a few hours. Work on a friday, in a pub, with no real weekend to look forward to. Great. At least it’s for a noble cause…

Oh and I learned how to make cheesecake yesterday, which is always a useful skill, but not neccessarily one I’d want to put on my C.V.